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Our Services

Focus on Specific Functions or Opt for Full Service Engagement

Camino Consulting Group customizes its approach depending on each client’s need.  We only work with organizations and causes that resonate with Camino's commitment to improving our communities and making this world a better place.  Camino Consulting seeks to be a trusted partner of its clients and would ideally like to leave our client organizations in a better place then we found them.

Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising Support

Increase Champions and Revenue

We have a deep and extensive relationship world of community stakeholders, philanthropists and corporate champions that have worked with and even funded City Year during Jeffrey's 11 year tenure with the organization. Those relationships continue today.  After a thorough evaluation of your current funders and revenue pipeline, Camino will work with you to create an enhanced fundraising strategy to expand your ecosystem of supporters and funders.

Strategic Planning

Creating Strategic Documentation to Guide Your Organization's Future

Camino Consulting believes strategic plans should be a living document as opposed to a report that collects dust on the shelf.  A strategic plan not only sets a "north star" for an organization's growth ambition, it also creates legitimacy via a physical product that can be leveraged with your stakeholder community.

Jeffrey garnered extensive experience creating and writing strategic plans while working for Deloitte as a Senior Consultant and Bank Advisory Group.  During his 10 years at City Year he created two separate pro bono strategic plans by engaging the support of Deloitte and McKinsey Consulting Firms  to create strategic plans that set the foundation for City Year's growth from a $2.3 to $8.6 million operation. 

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Board Development

Building a Board and Bench of Strategic Stakeholders

Building boards is all about having a large and diverse relationship world. Managing a highly effective board is about asking the critical question: "What superpower do each of my board members possess and what superpowers are needed but  do not exist on my current board?" 

Over his 11 year tenure, Jeff built and managed three board of directors with a focus on building and evolving a highly effective fundraising board. He has the relationships in the community to identify board prospects and has the experience to analyze and provide guidance on working and evolving your current board.

Interim Leadership/Executive Coaching

Interim CEO/ED to Provide Stability During Organizational Leadership Transition

Leadership transition can be a real risk to a social enterprise as a new leader is sought and established. Camino Consulting provides interim CEO/ED services to ensure the maintenance of staff, board, and funding stability during that transition period. With a keen eye on the attributes of what make an effective leader, Camino Consulting Group will also support efforts to identify that next leader for your organization. 

In addition to leading and growing City Year's site in DC for over 10 years, Jeff also served as Interim Executive Director of City Year's site in Miami where he worked with his team to bring stability to the local board, improve staff morale, maintain and increase philanthropic giving, support and help identify the new permanent Executive Director, and serve as City Year's external face in the Miami community.

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