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Board Development
Building a Board and Bench of Strategic Stakeholders
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Board members are an essential part of an organization's senior leadership team and can play a critical role in a CEO's success. Building an effective board is all about having a large and diverse relationship world and ensuring the right people are sitting at the table. Our philosophy is that boards should be constantly evolving with new member recruitment while working with the Board Chair to manage members that are ready to complete their service and step off the board. Managing a highly effective board is about asking the critical question: "What superpower do each of my board members possess and what superpowers are needed but do not exist on my current board?" 

We can work with your current board to strengthen ties among members and provide trainings on how the board can best support organizational operations, fundraising, and CEO support and oversight. We also partner with the Board Chair and CEO to build a stronger board, set up efficient processes for pipeline development, establish best practices in new board member, and create scorecards that keep both the board and CEO accountable. Trainings can take place over a couple of hours or be part of a two day board retreat.

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