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Executive Coaching
Defining your Leadership Compass and Discovering Professional Blind Spots

It can be lonely at the top and many Executive Directors and CEOs express frustration in not having a co-equal thought partner in making strategic decisions. Professional and personal blind spots can prevent leaders from making the right decisions for their organizations. Camino offers executive coaching leaders the opportunity to become not only better leaders from the front but also and equally important to decides when its best to lead from behind, from the side and from within.  Executive coaching seeks to not only redefine one's leadership compass but to also to support day to day strategic and tactical decisions in a safe, confidential environment. Jeff has provided coaching to both new Executive Directors and those with decades of experience and he serves as a thought partner, coach and mentor during the entire engagement. Executive coaching sessions are scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. 

For those seeking both one on one coaching and cohort peer based leadership development, Transformation Leadership Institute may be the best option. 

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