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Interim Leadership
Interim CEO/ED and Talent Search Support during Leadership Transition

Leadership transition can be a real risk to a social enterprise as a new leader is sought and established. Camino Consulting provides interim CEO/ED services to ensure the maintenance of staff, board, and funding stability during that transition period. With a keen eye on the attributes of what make an effective leader, Jeffrey will embed himself within the organization for periods of 4-14 months as the Interim CEO/ED of the nonprofit. Having served as Interim ED and CEO of nonprofits in Washington, DC, Miami and San Francsico, Jeffrey quickly adapts to the organizational culture and creates continuity and stability while the board plans for the transition to its new leader. will also support efforts to identify that next leader for your organization and schedule overlap so the new CEO can be properly onboarded to the organization. The interim role can serve as a stop gap during the new ED search and can also do more indepth consultative work  that includes not only organizational leadership but also conduct an organizational audit and set of reccomendations for the incoming leader or implement those changes before the new CEO/ED begins his/her tenure. 

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